So here we go with another update on the Calamity Jane gunfight. I was hoping to fully add Goon 3 today, but on advice of Elijah from the CG-3D forums I opted to redo Goon 2’s death animation so that he falls forward onto his knees instead of springing up and backwards. Making sure his knees don’t slide all over the place was a real bitch and a half, but I think I’ve got it looking pretty decent now.

Because of that slight delay, I was not able to put in Goon 3, but I did manage to block the important parts. At first I was going to make him a bare-handed brawler that charges Calamity Jane, but then I decided to go with a bit of a show-off spin move, like something out of a John Woo movie. Anyway, here’s the playblast:


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